Dr. Don Spickler
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Henson School of Science & Technology, Salisbury University

Linear (version 1.3.1)

Linear is a single document interface program developed for the teaching and exploration of concepts in Linear Algebra. It not intended as a substitute for more sophisticated programs nor as an alternative teaching method. It is intended as an easy to use exploration tool for students in an undergraduate course in Linear Algebra. The program was written in the Java, making it platform independent, using the JOGL graphics package for all graphics. The program was developed by a software development team at Salisbury University consisting of Don Spickler, Katie Ford, Israa Taha, John Zimmerman, Hela Koka and Megan Hildenberger.

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Program Features
  • Matrices can be up to 100 X 100 in size.
  • Matrix entries can be complex-valued expressions in up to 24 variables.
  • Complete file saving and loading including export options to HTML and LaTeX.
  • Editing options for inputting new matrices and editing existing matrices, row and column extraction, minors, joining, formatted copy to several forms, and a special matrix input option for various well used matrices.
  • A matrix expression evaluator for evaluating arithmetic expressions involving matrices and vectors that are currently in the programs workspace.
  • A row and column operation interface to allow the user to do easy and quick row and column manipulations.
  • Many standard matrix operations including reduce, invert, transpose, determinant, characteristic polynomials, creation of xI-A.
  • Many standard vector operations including cross product, dot product, length and normalization.
  • An Eigenvalue and Eigenvector calculator.
  • A root finder facility.
  • An equation viewer that will graph the rows of the matrix as linear equations allowing the user to investigate system solutions graphically.
  • A vector viewer that will plot the columns as vectors allowing the user to investigate linear combinations of the columns as well as the span of the columns.
  • A linear transformation viewer that allows the user to investigate the matrix viewed as a linear transformation. Features include a linear combination viewer and span viewer, as well as point and click input/output viewing, vector field display, and the viewing of objects under the transformation.
  • An affine transformation viewer that allows the user to investigate the matrix viewed as an affine transformation. Features include a linear combination viewer, point and click input/output viewing and the viewing of objects under the transformation.

Update History
8/1/10: Version 1.3.1
  • Added formatted copy output to Mathematica syntax.
  • Added options to change the point size and line width in all graphics interfaces.
  • Added the option to view multiple iterations of a linear or affine transformation that is from R^2 to R^2 or from R^3 to R^3 when applied to an object.
  • Changed the OpenGL interface objects from GLJPanel to GLCanvas. Solved the cut-out problem from version 1.1.1 on all tested systems. This will increase graphics response on most systems.
3/19/10: Version 1.2.1
  • Added workspace printing.
  • Changed the OpenGL interface objects from GLCanvas to GLJPanel. Some systems were experiencing image cut-out from the GLCanvas.
11/4/08: Version 1.1.2
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in one of the equation arithmetic functions. The bug would produce a syntax error for certain expressions when the syntax was correct. Bug found during testing.
9/22/08: Version 1.1.1
  • Added zooming tools to the 2-D graphics interfaces.
  • GUI Bug Fix: Span timer was not resetting correctly. Bug found during testing.
9/17/08: Version 1.0.3
  • GUI Bug Fix: Graphic in the equation viewer was not updating on slider movements. Bug found during testing.
1/14/08: Version 1.0.2
  • GUI Bug Fix: Case insensitive name check error in the add and edit dialog box. Bug found by Dr. Mike Bardzell.
1/14/08: Version 1.0.1
  • First public release.