Biochemistry Websites of Interest 

            NCBI literature and database search engine:

At this site, you can search Pubmed/medline - a valuable database of biochemical literature -  as well as search for nucleotide and protein sequences.  Choose which database you want to search under the Entrez box, or you can search them all.


            ExPASy Proteonomics system of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics:

At this site, you can search for protein sequences and analyze those sequences with a variety of programs.  Also associated with this website is an excellent molecular modeling viewer that can handle structural analysis of protein crystal structures.  This viewer is free and has an associated tutorial.

For viewer:


        BRENDA:  The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System:

This database contains much of the known enzyme information that has been published.  Substrates, inhibitors, enzyme kinetic constants and binding affinities are all gathered at this site with the reference material cited.  This database is free of all University of Maryland students and faculty.



A biochemicals supply company which has a good website relative to properties of proteins and other biochemicals which they sell.  They usually provide a good number of reference articles for proteins they supply.