Vinita Agarwal, PhDDr. Vinita Agarwal is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication Arts in Salisbury University, Maryland, USA. She earned her Ph.D. in Communication (Media, Technology, and Society) from Purdue University in 2009.

Dr. Vinita Agarwal's CV.


Dr. Agarwal's research focuses on strategic communication with a focus on message design in health behaviors in populations including minority women in the U.S., marginalized urban migrant women in India, volunteers, and students.

In this area, she has examined strategic message design in preventive health behaviors such as breast cancer screening, maternal health, vaccine intentions, and tanning bed use in undergraduates. Her strategic communication research in organizational projects focuses on understanding trust perceptions, antecedents, and outcomes  in relationships. She has also examined strategic communication in volunteering and service-learning in nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions.

Dr. Agarwal has just completed data gathering for an experimental study examining tanning behaviors in female undergraduate students and is currently working on projects on resilience participation in disaster-relief volunteering and maternal health in urban migrants in India among others. 

To read some of her earlier research, click here.


Professor Agarwal's teaching focuses on strategic communication with a specific interest in technology and the digital realm. Her course offerings are designed to include a service-learning community-based component and are geared toward guiding her students to an immersive understanding of the concepts through experiential learning.

Her course offerings include: social media in public relations, international public relations campaigns, communication technology, and the upcoming digital crisis communications management (Fall 2014). In the PR core curriculum she teaches writing for the professions, communication research methods, and Introduction to Journalism and Public Relations.

Dr. Agarwal's teaching approach is centered on integrating technology with an informed understanding of m-learning, individual learning styles, and blended learning approaches so as to achieve an engaged and transformative learning of our field's knowledge base in her students . To read about her teaching experiences and interests, click here.

Dr. Agarwal loves opportunities to hike, run trails, and cook with her three guys (one of whom is a very naughty and playful chocolate lab).

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