Dr. Don Spickler
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Salisbury University
Fractal Generator Images

Images produced by the Fractal Generator program that can be found on the software page.

POV-Ray Fractals

The POV-Ray fractal image gallery contains images that were produced by the POV-Ray software package. POV-Ray - Persistence of Vision Raytracer - is a multi-platform freeware ray tracing software package that uses a C-like scene description language to produce photo realistic computer generated images.

PascGalois JE

This gallery contains images that were produced by the PascGalois JE software package that can be found on my software page. The software is platform independent and allows the user to create and explore both one and two dimensional cellular automata over finite group structures.


Chaoscope is a freeware program that renders three-dimensional strange attractors produced by systems of differential equations, such as the Lorenz attractor and other more general chaotic flows.